Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Downtown L.A.: Chaya downtown art + happy hour

   A wonderful combo platter of art and well priced happy hour is on the menu at Chaya Downtown Los Angeles. Thanks to Mattatouille for this great shot of Stuart Haygarth's imaginative chandelier created from the plastic flotsam of daily life. Reviewed in today's L.A.T., S. Irene Virbila couldn't help but notice the piece, a standout in any setting. Haygarth is based in London; typically his work is from found pieces, this one is not.
   Find yourself on the patio for happy hour. I went with Eating LA last month; missing on the menu was a happy hour sake but the manager promised to add it. Chaya Venice's happy hour remains a personal fave: always lively. Downtown's version is a bit more button down but comes with a city view.


Billy Vasquez said...

My favorite downtown happy hour is at Cuidad on 5th and Figueroa - mojitos and appetizers for less than $5 and near MOCA (free on Thursdays 5-8pm).

SinoSoul said...

I really like the space but the food.. border line inedible.. Kinda reminds me of Magnolia around the corner