Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NY Times: A very eastside eye on Eagle Rock

The New York Times' Scott Timberg has an interesting take on the possible return of Eagle Rock to its pre-hipster days sans Swork and artist-run boutiques. What brings many "hipsters" and creative types to this still pretty quiet enclave are the schools which have not changed. And Eagle Rock Athletic center's sports' program is one of the best in the city.  I don't think Trader Joe's is going anywhere either nor is Auntie Em's or the Colorado Wine Co. No matter what, it's way better than the early 1980s when the only thing going for Eagle Rock was The Bucket--seriously. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards hangover: from the trenches

After months of writing about the Oscars, including interviewing a number of winners such as Philippe Petit the subject of best documentary "Man on Wire" (above right) and Anthony Dodd Mantle "Slumdog Millionaire's" cinematographer, I'm facing withdrawal from Awards season. Branding, venues for parties, documentaries (Tia Lessin of "Trouble the Water" and Scott Hamilton Kennedy of "The Garden" (above left) ), production design and where Oscar winners go for r-and-r are some topics I've covered. I thought this year's films were better than usual; can't say that the actual Academy Awards telecast matched the artistry of the films. Was a rather long show and somewhat painful--past acting winners pontificating on merits of current nominees, ouch!--though it was great to see Eva Marie Saint and Sophia Loren on stage. Not sure where producers were going with musical numbers except medley of best songs actually worked well.
Spent some time at  beauty suites getting improved on by beauty pros; IDA's honoring of documentary nominees is always a great night: though I know times are tough but whole potatoes as crudite are not that appealing on a party buffet.  Lots o' star sightings. Thrilling to see Padma of Bravo's "Top Chef"in person though I'm not sure why she was at IFC's party after the Indie Spirit Awards but just part of the week's blend of real and surreal.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tales from the blog-o-sphere: Jon Stewart's 10th Anniversary on the Daily Show

Thank goodness for my digital recorder: I never miss an episode of "The Daily Show" and was thrilled when I was assigned two stories re: Jon Stewart's 10th anniversary on the show.  I interviewed two of the show's producers on where the humor will come from now that Bush and his team are gone. Other fans of the show include "real" newsers, also chronicled.  But because I was out of town, I missed my ten nanoseconds of linkage fame recounted here: a link and 63 comments on the Huffington Post, a link and 33 comments from Rocky Talk Live of the Rocky Mt. News, a spot on the daily briefings list of, and because I interviewed Anderson Cooper, a link on this Anderson Cooper fan blog.  All hail Google alert!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Road trip: San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences

We're on a rooftop in the picture above, though it looks like a Sci-Fi movie set. It's a living roof-- covered in wildflowers and skylights. Spent an afternoon at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and if you remember the former building, all dark, depressing and crowded inside, then the new structure will be quite the revelation. I compare the building to Los Angeles' very own BCAM, also by architect Renzo Piano, in this month's LF Ledger.
If you've ever had to accompany young children to a natural history or science museum, you'll totally appreciate the innovations (natural light!) and the inspiring bio-sphere like structure (below) that houses the Rain Forests of the World exhibit where butterflies and birds fly free.