Friday, February 6, 2009

Tales from the blog-o-sphere: Jon Stewart's 10th Anniversary on the Daily Show

Thank goodness for my digital recorder: I never miss an episode of "The Daily Show" and was thrilled when I was assigned two stories re: Jon Stewart's 10th anniversary on the show.  I interviewed two of the show's producers on where the humor will come from now that Bush and his team are gone. Other fans of the show include "real" newsers, also chronicled.  But because I was out of town, I missed my ten nanoseconds of linkage fame recounted here: a link and 63 comments on the Huffington Post, a link and 33 comments from Rocky Talk Live of the Rocky Mt. News, a spot on the daily briefings list of, and because I interviewed Anderson Cooper, a link on this Anderson Cooper fan blog.  All hail Google alert!

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