Monday, April 27, 2009

M&A: A net for mega-fish on Silver Lake Blvd.

The talented minds at Silver Lake Blvd.'s Materials & Applications have a new installation that's part of a current project that aims for pure experimentation. Made from nylon strap and rip-stop fabric, it kind of reminds me of a section of fish net--though the fish they're aiming to catch are rather big.  Check it out as you pass by on Silver Lake Blvd. (Photo courtesy of the M& A website).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Media watch: Daily Show, Anthem Magazine & Audi

The Daily Show did their own mash up of Shepard Fairey's Obama poster on Monday night combining it with his Obey logo part of an amusing bit on Fox News and how Americans are now under tyrannical rule aka the Democrats are in the majority.  Next up an Audi commercial shot at John Marshall High school called "School's Out." Also amusing because the commercial makers came in and repainted the school's doors a nice dark brown and replanted the front lawn so now there is a lawn.  Kids in the school are a nice diverse lot and picture perfect as you'd expect but night-and-day away from Marshall's actual student body.  And Anthem Magazine's current issue features and interview and photo spread with Rashida Jones, of "The Office" now "Parks & Recreation," shot at Neutra's VDL house on Silver Lake Blvd.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

University Park: Where Trojans are in bloom - Los Angeles Times

Where Trojans are in bloom - Los Angeles Times

Researching this story for the LAT led me to a very cool poetic art piece by Jenny Holzer, one of my favorite artists.  Tucked away on the far south side of the campus, "Blacklist," is her homage to the Hollywood Ten, screenwriters who were banned from Hollywood for their political affiliations.  Each writer has a quote etched in granite--all surround a fountain within the school's sculpture garden. While the weather is still cool, Exposition Park and the USC campus to the north are well worth a visit for architecture (Frank Gehry) and art (Robert Graham's Olympic sculptures).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Silver Lake: "Washington Field" TV pilot in the 'hood

Don't worry it wasn't the real FBI bomb squad on Riverside Dr.--though the neighborhood unfortunately has had plenty of serious action lately. Yesterday I spotted the "FBI Bomb Squad," a smoking car, fire truck and a large film crew on Riverside Drive.
Per the Washington D.C. biz journal, "Washington Field" is spinoff from the exec producer of "24" about an elite team of FBI bomb specialists who handle crises and (presumably) dramatic situations. There's already a fan blog for the show.