Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards hangover: from the trenches

After months of writing about the Oscars, including interviewing a number of winners such as Philippe Petit the subject of best documentary "Man on Wire" (above right) and Anthony Dodd Mantle "Slumdog Millionaire's" cinematographer, I'm facing withdrawal from Awards season. Branding, venues for parties, documentaries (Tia Lessin of "Trouble the Water" and Scott Hamilton Kennedy of "The Garden" (above left) ), production design and where Oscar winners go for r-and-r are some topics I've covered. I thought this year's films were better than usual; can't say that the actual Academy Awards telecast matched the artistry of the films. Was a rather long show and somewhat painful--past acting winners pontificating on merits of current nominees, ouch!--though it was great to see Eva Marie Saint and Sophia Loren on stage. Not sure where producers were going with musical numbers except medley of best songs actually worked well.
Spent some time at  beauty suites getting improved on by beauty pros; IDA's honoring of documentary nominees is always a great night: though I know times are tough but whole potatoes as crudite are not that appealing on a party buffet.  Lots o' star sightings. Thrilling to see Padma of Bravo's "Top Chef"in person though I'm not sure why she was at IFC's party after the Indie Spirit Awards but just part of the week's blend of real and surreal.  

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