Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Silver Lake: Mystery cell phone booth art meets anon critic

Not really sure who put up this cell phone booth at Silver Lake and Effie streets--heard it was a neighborhood couple, set decorator and a guy with a vintage Rambler--it's their second effort. The other one at Silver Lake and Glendale Blvds.  got some amusing comments on's my photo on the post. I liked being described as a nice reader.  
The new booth has been tossed about and all the phone books got wet and soggy.  A not so nice anonymous critic has added their own commentary to the piece: "To the creative genius who dumped this phony booth your punishment shall be a lifetime ban from the Cleos and a permanent assignment writing copy for cat litter." Ouch, that's a slap, although I'm not sure what the Cleo's --given out for creative commercials--has to do with this installation.
Perhaps the mobile critic would prefer this sponsored show of even wackier cell phone booth art via SFin Budapest:

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