Friday, December 12, 2008

Eastside gets groovier: Silver Lake walk path to open

After years of meeting and master plans and a prolonged construction schedule, the final leg of the Silver Lake walking path will officially open on Dec 20--that's the date for the ribbon cutting, hard to know how they'll keep joggers, walkers and dogs off the crushed granite path until then as it looks very inviting.  Took some pictures yesterday as I walked next to the path; really changes your perspective and John Lautner's Silver Top seemed to stand out even more. 
The Richard Neutra-designed homes on Silver Lake Blvd. are now seen in full perspective.  Great for jogging/walking architectural buffs.  Years in the making--I recall going to a master plan meeting 10+ years ago--the path is definitely a safer alternative to walking on busy Silver Lake Blvd and it's great that we have more open public space.  Can't wait to circle the reservoir in style!

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