Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Desert Hot Springs: The Palm Springs alternative

Imagine finding water in the desert?  Cabot Yerxa, a pioneer and traveller, was the first Anglo to find water in Desert Hot Springs.  He then spent the rest of his life building his own version of a Hopi-style pueblo (above) from scavenged materials. Now a house museum, Cabot's Pueblo Museum, is the oddest attraction in Desert Hot Springs.  The first time I visited the house ten years ago with my kids, there was an even odder caretaker who gave us a personal, private tour.  These days, the museum is securely fenced in and run by the city--still weird but not so wild.  The primary reason for visiting the city is to take in the waters as I outlined in today's L.A. Times.  
While staying at the mid-century styled Miracle Manor Resort, with its twice-filtered mineral waters, I had a water massage. Very trippy indeed--not necessarily the most restorative massage ever (it's certainly not a deep tissue) but because of the water and movement, it was more like a journey back in geologic time. 
Definitely different. 

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