Monday, October 20, 2008

In LA theaters: "Secrecy" from Rob Moss and Peter Galison

The first film selected for the Sundance 2008 Film Festival, per festival honcho Geoff Gilmore, "Secrecy" is the kind of film that gives thoughtful audience members nightmares.  The amount of money spent on keeping things secret (an estimated $8 billion annually) and the sheer numbers of documents and information deemed top secret are really disheartening, if not plain dumb.  Directors Peter Galison and Robb Moss dissect the thorny subject which is really an issue of control and power.  (Moss directed an excellent documentary "The Same River Twice"--idealist rafters in 1978 and where they are today; very watchable.) "Secrecy" is not a history of U.S. secrecy but rather a weaving together of examples that expose how bureaucratic secrecy is a real threat to democracy and a free and open society.  Bloggers and googlers take note. Where does all Google info go?  One of the many provocative ideas raised in the film now playing at Laemmle Music Hall.

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