Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween special: Queen Mary scares up ghosts

Do you feel the scary vibe? Hallway (above) is a corridor on the Queen Mary, a classic luxury ocean liner, now permanently berthed in Long Beach's harbor (also scary, because of polluted runoff--but that's another story). The ship promotes its haunted history via a rather cheesy Ghosts & Legends tour that for all its silliness does provide some scares and takes you way down into the bowels of the ship.  Scariest of all is a night on the ship: it creaks and makes odd noises and the corridors tend to bring up memories of "The Shining." 

Cleverly utilizing the ship's grandeur and spooky rep, a recent episode of "Ghost Whisperer" filled it with soggy, wicked ghosts and took full advantage of the glorious Art Deco grand salon. Whether it's truly haunted or not,  the ship is indeed a legend and is worth a visit. You can decide for yourself about the paranormal extras. 

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