Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage view of Atwater: Postcard of Hyperion Bridge c. 1937

August was a busy month--with assignments (see links) and two trips out of town. First trip was Santa Barbara
where I tend to visit the same places: La Super Rica (who can resist those al pastor tacos) and several really great thrift stores.
Found this c. 1937 postcard of a vintage view of the Hyperion Bridge at State St.'s Antique Alley.
Check out the Red Car on its way to Glendale. Notice the absence of 5 freeway or Glendale office towers.
The river has a somewhat natural state--none of those gruesome cement embankments.
The Red Car bridge trestles are still there today.


Anonymous said...

This postcard is a coup Love the red car, wish they were still here, I think.

Kathy A. McDonald said...

Yes on the red cars!

Anonymous said...

My mother grew up in Silver Lake and remembers riding the Red Line, to downtown L.A.