Monday, July 28, 2008

Materials & Applications: Arty neighbors

Materials & Applications (M&A) outdoor pocket gallery/exhibition space captivates Silver Lake Blvd.'s drivers and pedestrians with intriguing, thought provoking and always visual and highly visible outdoor installations--whether Jimenez Lai's current installation, "Planstery Module" to past installations like "Density Fields"(above) and "Here There Be Monsters," (below). 
Sunday's NY Times profiled the arty wedding of the team behind M&A, Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess , who I interviewed some months back. As Didier explained,  "M&A's space is for things that have been unbuilt, which previously existed only in the digital realm or someone's imagination." Their wedding sounds equally imaginative with a reception in the space that held "Not a Cornfield," now a public park.

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Pat said...

They should have hired a taco truck to follow the wedding party, that would have been the coup de grace.